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FaQ e liquid

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FaQ e liquid

(formerly driptonic)

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FaQ e liquid

FaQ e liquid comes in 9 great tasting flavors. Try all of them until you find the one that's just right for you! FAQ EJUICE brand e liquid is made using only best eliquids.

Buy FAQ e Liquid online and get fast shipping from a U.S. seller. See why Sweet Southern vapes is the best and oldest vape shop on the net. Try FAQ eJuice today!

FaQ e liquid Flavors

American Pie

FaQ e liquid taste just like you walk in to Grandma's house. Yes, she's baking again. The sweet smell of dense apple pie with a dash of cinnamon and a buttery, flaky crust engulfs your nose. The first bite sends you in to a state of complete and utter bliss. Grandma leaves to warm up her dial up computer. You open your eyes and feel a strange urge. “Do I want to make love to this pie?” Knowing the answer, you cling to the hope that Grandma doesn't come back into the kitchen anytime soon.

Fauxstess Cupcake

Often imitated but seldom duplicated Fauxstess Cupcake FaQ e liquid is a treat you will know and love. As you open the packaging a rush of intoxicating fragrances engulf your sense of smell: rich chocolate icing and dense chocolate cake with a smooth creamy filling. One bite turns to two. Before you know it… they're gone. This liquid is for those with discriminating taste and a need for dessert perfection. Look no further. You have found the Holy Grail.

Funky Monkey

As the sun rises in the misty jungle FaQ e liquid Funky monkey travels from tree to tree in search of the perfect fruit combination. Through his travels he finds his favorite flavors: bananas, kiwis and strawberries. As he proceeds to mash them together, he drinks the ambrosia of his labor. Becoming manic, he flies off again into the jungle, in search for more. This may very well be the perfect fruit blend.

Green Party

In a time where a two party system is the norm, you feel compelled to break out of the shackles of this system. What's that? A third party? They have ideals that are in line with your needs: A sweet, yet tart mixture of juicy green apple and sweet kiwi. A bold statement for anyone with a bold attitude. Green Party FaQ e liquid has come to save us all.

Guava Blast

After a long day of studying the activity of a tropical volcano, you feel a troubling rumble. The volcano bursts and there is limited time to leave. The treat of being engulfed with molten rock is imminent. The eruption occurs, but this is like nothing before. What you assumed was magma is actually a thick, syrupy sweet liquid that is cool to the touch. As your instincts compel you, you dip a finger into this curious concoction. FaQ e liquid Guava Blast is a flavor medley of Guava and Lemon Grass immerse your taste buds into bliss.

Miss Samoa

As you traverse the Bakery Forest, a small female shaman greets you.  Her introduction includes the name, “Miss Samoa”. Handing you one of the treats she is carrying, she invites you to lose yourself in the experience. An explosion engulfs your taste buds: Miss Samoa FaQ e liquid taste like crunchy cookies layered with caramel and chocolate, powdered with coconut.

Pink Nova

You're 3 weeks in to your deep space exploration mission en route to the Pink Solar System. Legend has it that the planets in this system are made of a delectable taffy like substance often described as tart strawberry. You approach the first planet in the system and as you step foot on this strange alien landscape, you find that the legends were true. FaQ e liquid Pink Nova is crafted using extracts from this alien planet, as nothing in this world could taste this good.

Viva Las' Nana

As you stroll out of the casino having just shown The House that they do not always win, you feel a rumble in your stomach. After emerging from the chaos of booze, smoke, dice, and cards you need a meal fit for a king. And not just any king, The King. A sandwich grilled to perfection of melting peanut butter and stacked high with sliced bananas is what you need. Uh-hu, al-right, thank ya. Thank ya very much FaQ e liquid.

Wacky Jacky

WANTED: WACKY JACKY FaQ e liquid. The suspect resembles an apple with crazy eyes and smells suspiciously of apple flavored cereal and cinnamon, with a hint of something more. He is accused of intoxicating his victims with his rich aroma and then making off with their money. Call the authorities immediately if you have any information on his whereabouts.

If you're looking for an e liquid that never gets dull try the FAQ series of eJuices! You'll be so glad you did. Order FAQ e Liquid online now from Sweet Southern vapes and get fast friendly shipping!




American Pie

I just received FAQ American Pie in the mail and loaded up my tank. Amazing. This flavor is so good that I had to tell you about it. I'll be ordering more!


Guava FAQ

This is by far the best FAQ flavor. Thanks for the fast shipping too.


FAQ Miss Samoa flavor

This FAQ Miss Samoa flavor eJuice is fantastic! And it's much cheaper than anywhere else too. Thanks!

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FaQ e liquid

FaQ e liquid

FaQ e liquid

(formerly driptonic)

See all 9 flavors below!